Newsflash: non-profits are not designed to “make money.” But that can pose a problem with operating expenses and overhead. 

And when it comes to technology, operations and overhead are inescapable. How do you handle it all without breaking the bank? 

In the following article, we’ll cover the reasons it’s important for a non-profit organization to look outside for their information technology needs. Let’s begin! 

Managed IT Provides Helpdesk Support

A well-functioning helpdesk allows the non-profit to deliver top-notch customer service and scalability. It also fosters better reporting and collaboration. 

It Keeps Network Operations Safely Separated

Supportive organizations allow the managed IT provider to handle the technical side without getting bogged down in the details. This partitioning gives the organization the freedom and ability to stay focused on their organization’s core focus. 

It Saves on Salaries and Benefits

When answering the question “what do non-profit organizations do,” the answer almost never comes back with “provide top-notch IT solutions to all their clients.” Therefore, the core of its budget shouldn’t go towards paying for those types of solutions.

Yet the average salary of a network engineer can be around $30 per hour. That doesn’t even factor in benefits or the fact most command much higher than that. It also doesn’t factor in the cost of maintaining IT hardware and software solutions.

Hiring just one network engineer can potentially crater a non-profit’s budget. Farming out allows for financial resources to go more toward the organization’s mission. 

It Saves on Hardware

Running a dedicated server is costly well beyond the manpower you have to pay to take care of it. Equipment is costlier to maintain and replace. And it requires a certain degree of knowledge that’s just too expensive to come by if you’re handling it in-house. 

Using managed IT, especially cloud-based, keeps that headache at an arm’s length. It also greatly reduces the amount of needed overhead. 

It Helps Non-Profits Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

With technology, non-profit organizations can fail to see cyber threats as they emerge. Outsourcing those network monitoring needs to trained professionals allow you to be proactive and avoid disruptions. 

That’s where organizations like Preactive IT Solutions are worth their weight in gold. Part of their specific purpose is to monitor and respond to threats and to ensure your infrastructure is ready for whatever’s lurking on the horizon. And that’s true whether you’re operating on a cloud, share, or dedicated server. 

It Provides Balance Across the Organization

Managed IT solutions help you find the right balance between design and functionality. As a non-profit, you’re focused on the mission, not how you look on a desktop or mobile.

But we live in a time where how people interface with your organization is as important as the work you actually do. Ensuring these integrate seamlessly should be the goal, and reliable managed IT providers will hold up the technical end of that relationship. 

Managed IT Is a Winning Solution for Your Non-Profit

Non-profits have a lot on their plates. Regulations, compliance, and daily operations place tremendous demands on their resources. 

Finding the right IT partner makes it all possible. For more information on how you can use technology to accomplish your organization’s goals, click here

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