Why Razer Mice Are Popular Among E-Sport Players

E-sports are gaining more and more impetus these days. With tournaments having prizes of over $ 100,000, it does not come as a surprise. However, E-sports players often choose professional gaming gear rather than the ordinary one. The primary among them is the mouse. The accuracy and the sensitivity of the mouse has a profound impact on their gameplay. To achieve the same, most of the E-sports players go with Razer mice.

Wondering why E-sports players go with Razer mice?

If yes, we will answer the question below. Once you go through these reasons, you will understand why Razer gaming mouse models are better than others.

1. Ergonomic design:

One thing which is pretty common among Razer mouse models is the ergonomic design. It does not matter whether you’re going with Razer viper ultimate, Razer DeathAdder or any other. All of them have ergonomic design.

When you need to practice for hours together, an ergonomic mouse certainly helps. It reduces hand fatigue. Moreover, an ergonomic mouse improves your control as well. It is one of the reasons why E-sports players go for Razer gaming mice.

2. High DPI:

DPI is the measure of the sensitivity of the mouse. It stands for dots per linear inch. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive is the mouse. When the mouse is sensitive, moving it even by a short distance will allow you to move the cursor significantly. That will save you time and also allow you to safely move the cursor.

Needless to say, when going with the gaming mouse, the DPI needs to be high. Razer mice often feature a DPI of over 6,000. Just to give you an idea a normal mouse offers DPI of around 1600. In fact, a Razer gaming mouse by the name of Viper ultimate has an industry leading DPI of 20,000. In simple terms, these mice provide you with almost an unfair advantage due to their high sensitivity. It is another reason why E-sports players use the same.

3. Long life cycle:

Nobody likes to change their mouse time and again. It is because once you get accustomed to it, you can use it more efficiently. The same is true for E-sports players. To facilitate the same, you have to choose a mouse that can stand the test of time. The life cycle of the mouse is dependent on the number of clicks which it can handle.

How about mice which can handle millions of clicks?

Razer mice can easily handle more than 20 million clicks. In a nutshell, you will not have to replace them for years together. The durability certainly makes them better than any other gaming mouse options.

4. Customization features on offer:

E-sports players often prefer to customize their keyboard and mouse. For the same, it is necessary to have programmable buttons in the mouse. Many Razer gaming mouse variants offer you the same. You can customize the settings to use the Razer mice more efficiently. With these programmable buttons, you can turn the gameplay in your favor. It is one of the reasons why these mice are used by E-sports players.

5. Lightweight design:

Most Razer gaming mice weigh less than 100 gms. Some of them weigh even less than 80 gms. The lightweight design allows professional players to move them quickly and safely. Additionally, when you’re playing games for 8 to 10 hours a day, the lightweight design of the mouse certainly helps. It reduces the hand fatigue significantly. You can easily indulge in hours of gaming without making your hands numb.

Isn’t that a great advantage to have?

The lightweight design of Razer mice certainly works in favor of the E-sport players.

With numerous advantages like these, it does not come as a surprise that Razer mice are the preferred choice of professional players. If you take your gaming experience seriously, it is time to get Razer mice rather than any other. These mice can certainly take your game to a whole new level. Feel free to take a look at their collection at :

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