It is common knowledge now that we must brush our teeth twice a day. But just brushing our teeth twice a day is not enough. We must brush properly.

Statistics say that when people brush manually they don’t follow the proper technique. An electric toothbrush is a lot more effective in maintaining oral health.

Here is why you should switch to an electric toothbrush if you haven’t already.

1. Better At Cleaning

person brushing teeth

Why do you brush your teeth?

The answer is simple.

You brush to remove bacteria, germs, plaque, and perhaps any lodged food particles.

Research shows that an electric toothbrush is capable of removing up to 21 percent more plaque than a standard manual toothbrush.

This means, not only does it help clean your mouth and teeth better, but it also helps save time and money.

2. The 2-Minutes Rule

You may have overlooked this fact, but proper brushing of teeth means brushing twice a day and brushing for at least 2 minutes.

Almost all commercially available electric toothbrushes have assistive timers to tell you when you reach the 2-minute mark.

Some even have advanced features like quad-paced timers which tell you to move to a different section of your mouth every 30 seconds. This helps ensure uniform brushing and makes sure you focus on every corner of your mouth.

3. Eco-Friendly

Believe it or not, normal plastic toothbrushes contribute significantly to pollution and climate change.

Yes, almost a billion toothbrushes are thrown out each year in the US alone!

That is a lot of waste.

Worse yet, it is not exactly recyclable as it is made up of so many different components and types of plastic.

So basically every single toothbrush produced for the last century is living on as a piece of trash somewhere in the world, perhaps in an ocean.

An electric toothbrush is far better as you are not throwing away the brush so often. No, when it wears out, you simply change the brush head. Such steps can help reduce the amount of waste significantly.

4. Safer For You!

person using a toothbrush

Yes, electric toothbrushes are safer for you!

They are gentler on your gums. Statistics say that a user generally brushes harder and causes more damage while using a normal toothbrush when compared to an electric one.

Nowadays, electric toothbrushes also come equipped with pressure sensors to tell you if you are applying too much force.

5. More Powerful

Using a normal toothbrush, you make around 200-400 strokes a minute. An electric toothbrush makes the equivalent of 7,500 strokes at the same time.

A really good, flagship sonic toothbrush is capable of spitting out the equivalent of 66,000 strokes a minute. It’s no surprise then that electric toothbrushes remove more plaque and keep your oral health in pristine condition.

This has many benefits such as whiter teeth, lower biofilm cover, and no more bad breath!

6. A Blessing For Those With Difficulty In Movement

If you suffer from illnesses such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or other health issues that affect mobility, an electric toothbrush is an absolute must for you.

You can get the brushing done without having to move your wrists and arms so much.

7. Affordability

person brushing teeth

Gone are the days when electric toothbrushes used to cost a bomb. If the price tag of an electric toothbrush was keeping you from buying one, you’ll be glad to know that times have changed!

Good electric brushes like the ones from Smile Brilliant are inexpensive and come with replacement brush heads making them very cost-effective.


An electric toothbrush trumps a normal toothbrush in many important and material aspects. And yet, it is quite affordable.

It makes perfect sense to buy and use one today.

So why haven’t you switched yet?