If you have children that are in high school, then you may spend a lot of time thinking about their future. College seems to be the obvious path after high school, but it is important to understand that it is not the only path for success. Children will already be under a lot of pressure at high school, and therefore it is crucial not to burden them with the pressure of going to college. In this article, you can learn more about the reasons why it can be harmful to pressure your kids to go to college.

1. It Can Create Resentment

If you force your kids to go to college, it can create a lingering resentment that can affect your long-term relationship. It is never worth pressuring your kid, even if you think it is the right thing to do. If you force your kid to go to college, then it is not something that they would be easily able to forget. Your relationship may never be able to recover, and this is something you would regret for the rest of your life. Don’t force your child to take any choice, instead make them aware that you will support them in whatever decision they decide to take.

2. They May Never Find Their True Passion

Everyone deserves the chance to follow their true passion. Of course there is the reality of needing to make a living, however those decisions can always be taken later. You should not rob your kid the opportunity of finding something that will fulfill them. College is not automatically a place where everyone is able to find their true passion. Sometimes passion can only be found away from college. Let your kid learn their own lessons and find their own way. If you pressure them to take one path, then they may never be able to discover their passion.

 3. Creates Unnecessary Debt

College is expensive, and this is something you would already be aware of. According to CBS News, american college students graduate owing an average of $29,200. So there is no point putting pressure on anyone to do a lengthy course that they aren’t fully committed to. The end result can be a huge pile of debt for a college course that your child isn’t interested in. They will have to pay off large sums of money for skills that they may not even use. It is much better to let them find their passion, even if it isn’t at college initially. Why force your child to take up debt for something they may never even use.

4. Less Likely to Succeed in College

A child who is pressured into college would be far less likely to succeed and remain focused. If they aren’t enthusiastic about their course, or even about the idea of college in general, then they may lash out by not putting in the best effort. This will affect their grades, and it will mean they are likely to not do as well. Why pressure your kid to go to college if they will simply rebel against your decision? Unmotivated students tend to procrastinate, skip classes and spend lots of time on social media instead of studying.

“Reddit’s college discussion threads are flooded with students asking for help with their assignments and telling the world how they hate studying,” says Kimberly Adams, a moderator of a subreddit of 40,000 subscribers and contributor to LegitWritingServices.com. “Unmotivated students tend to procrastinate, skip classes and spend lots of time on social media instead of studying.”

So why pressure your kids to go to college if that’s not what they want? A child should go to college because they truly want to, and this is the only way for them to stay motivated.

5. Results in Wasted Time

As well as cost, college also requires a lot of time. A typical degree can be up to four years long. These four years are best spent doing something that a child is passionate about. Otherwise, it can feel like four years wasted that a kid can no longer get back. These years are the best time for a child to go out into the world and make mistakes. By forcing them to go to college, you ruin their chances of being able to find themselves. They will never get these youth years back to explore their options. Therefore, it is not right to pressure someone to commit to four years of something that they are unsure about.

Alternative Options to College

There are many viable alternative options to college. College may seem like the obvious step after high school, but you should allow your child to properly consider all of their options. You should also understand that the option to go to college doesn’t automatically disappear just because your kid doesn’t go immediately after high school. It can be worthwhile to weigh up the options and find their passion before enrolling. Many students who go to college a few years later tend to do better because they have a clearer idea of their goals. Below, are some of the best alternative options to college.

  • Volunteering

Volunteering can be a great way for a person to learn more about the world whilst making a real difference.

  • Military

The military can provide valuable experience and give your child a greater sense of independence.

  • Trade School

Trade schools are a cost effective way to get training for a highly marketable skill. It is a fantastic way to directly enter the world of work.

  • Business

Now is the perfect age for a child to get involved in their business and try to make their passions profitable. They can learn many valuable lessons.

  • Travel

Traveling is a fantastic way to get immersed in new experiences and cultures. It can help a child to build skills that enable them to embrace diversity.

Many colleges support these options, and they won’t punish a child for applying later on. It is important to have an honest discussion with your child to see their point of view, and give them advice. Rather than pressuring or forcing, you should be an understanding parent.

Closing Thoughts

You will now have a better idea on why you shouldn’t pressure your kid to go to college. It is never a good idea to put pressure on a child to attend college when they really don’t want to know. As a parent, you should fully supportive of whichever decision they choose to make or you may regret it for the rest of your life.

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