When it comes to education, many people oppose any online assistance in the form of an essay writing service or any other service, believing that such help only distorts the results. However, with technologies developing so rapidly, students struggle to keep up with that pace.

It is wrong to assume that it has become a lot easier to study now than it was for baby boomers, for example. The approach to education has changed, but it has not become simpler. Today, students have a lot more assignments to complete since educators know that access to information is unlimited. However, students have far less time to do that. It all only adds to stress and anxiety that students feel when they face lots of expiring deadlines. 

Nevertheless, more and more students start asking for help from different companies offering college essay writing service because this is the only way to prioritize tasks and be on time with what is really important. Here are more reasons why students NEED to use online services.

9 Reasons Why Students Use the Help of Online Services

1. Lack of Academic Writing Skills

We are not all born poets or artists as well as great writers. Some people find writing exciting, others do not. Therefore, for some students, writing is really an ordeal, especially academic writing. Services where students can find writers to pay to write essay often help them shape the entire paper in the form that is considered academically acceptable. It covers such aspects as referencing, consistency, clarity, and accuracy.

2. Difficulty in Getting into the Matter

Students in college do not always get to choose what to write about. Some topics are too difficult to understand that impairs the entire writing process. Moreover, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Someone can write about history because they love it, while others find physics more attractive. Therefore, online services often help out students who have no idea what they should write and how.

3.Lack of Special Skills

Writing assignments are rarely all about writing. Some of them may include statistics, others –qualitative methods, that make these essays even more difficult. Therefore, college writing is often about time management, analytical skills, and research. Many students, even if they are good at writing, find it hard to cope with such kinds of extra work. Some of them may require proofreading or editing to eliminate the chance of a mistake.

4. Limited Access to Resources

Sometimes the only constraint that keeps a student away from writing their essay is the lack of resources. In fact, purchasing books and other learning materials can really cost more than turning for help to professional writers. Needless to say, if a writing assignment requires special resources or equipment for research, using online assignment help company EssayOnTime becomes even more reasonable. Online writing companies usually have access to all libraries so it will not be a problem for their writers to complete your order, no matter how difficult it might be.

5. Tight Deadlines

Time is a real stress factor for students. Just imagine, that every course they study has its own number of writing assignments that should be submitted no later than on a specified day. Seeing upcoming deadlines can really add stress even to the most successful student. Online writing companies are always there to help to avoid such mental pressure.

6. Lack of Time

Being a student is not only about studying. It is also a great chance to network with people from around the globe, attend various extracurricular activities, study new skills that may not be related to your major, etc. Thus, even the best students who are active and knowledgeable often lack time for their writing assignments. That is why when such students re-think their priorities, they often turn to writing services for help.

7. Huge Number of Assignments

It is okay if you have to write two essays per week. But what if you have 10 writing assignments pending? Every overdue day can cut a decent part of the final grade. That is why “write for me” requests do not mean students being lazy. They often mean students being desperate and in need of professional help.

8. Improved Academic Record

If the only thing that keeps you from getting a nice grade for the course is your troubles with writing, online writing help is exactly what you need. Writing-related assignments usually count for around 80% of the final grade. It means that a student can be super smart, but should he or she have problems with writing, there is no chance for them to earn a good grade. This is entirely wrong, and online essay writing services companies can help with that. 

9. Nice Pricing Policies

Essay writing companies know who their target audience is. That is why setting too high prices is not reasonable for them. They try to balance the expectations of the writers working for them with their clients, who are mostly students.

Final Words

Strong opponents of online services of different kinds should re-think their arguments because students cannot handle the growing academic load. It is either the pressure should be decreased, or online services should function to make them keep up with their deadlines. The former is unlikely, so the only way students can continue studying and become academically successful is to allow them to prioritize their activities and order their assignments if they find it reasonable.


Jeff Blaylock is a freelance writer who has built his career in online journalism. He studies the problems of college students that impact their success at school as well as in their personal and business lives. In this article, Jeff deconstructs the myth of the negative effect that online services have on education and defends their existence.