It can seem daunting to choose a particular website template for your business. After all, you have to consider so many things before finalizing a design. For example, the type of website you intend to create, the features that will go into it, your overall budget, and the comfort with editing – all this can factor in here. Hence, feeling overwhelmed by the task is natural. But if your requirements are not too high and you need something low-maintenance, then going with a static website template can be useful. These template designs use HTML and CSS codes for design and content display. If you sign up for premium versions, you can look for advanced features also, such as the slideshow. 

In this article, you can learn about the benefits of using a static web design template for your project.

  • Installation: The static templates come with necessary built-in functionality, which keeps your website light and enable it to work faster.  
  • Pricing: You can expect them to be a cost-effective solution compared to what you have to pay to your website developer. Many themes are free. But if you desire premium features, you may have to pay. Anyway, even if you hire a web design agency for assembling the site, you can find it time-saving, which can also have a massive impact on the costs.
  • Choices: There is no end to the number of themes you can explore in static website templates. For an experience, you can run your eye through Designmodo website templates. From the video, photography, vertical, and corporate, you can choose a theme as per your requirement.

Features to look out 

Some people hesitate to choose static templates for the fear that it may not allow updating your website quickly. The lack of additional features and sometimes the cost of premium services can also be a challenge. But if you know that your website wouldn’t need any changes or updates or you can do coding, then these types of templates can come in handy. Plus, if you don’t want to spend your time and money on creating blogs, then again going with a static theme makes sense.

Nowadays, many people are resorting to website building tools. But still, the demand for static website templates has not vanished. The ones with Slides enjoy popularity. And then, the level of intricacies, sophistication, and advancement these are showing makes it impossible to ignore them. You will not find them raw anymore.

However, whatever design you choose, make sure to apply a thorough thought process behind it. For example, you could be running a bed and breakfast business. For a website like this, you need beautiful images that can instantly click with your users. So, the appearance of your website becomes the most critical factor in determining whether your audience will feel attracted or not after seeing what is there. Hence, keep all the aspects in mind. If your primary aim is to bring down your website development cost and have easy setup, then there is nothing to hold back yourself. Just keep looking for better designs and navigation techniques so that your website can stand out.

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