You’re probably like most people and just go to your dentist twice per year for your cleanings, and maybe even less than that. Some people dread going to the dentist, however, and others are terrified to have any work done on their mouths. Going to your dentist should be a relaxing experience that leaves your mouth feeling cleaner, and you feel healthier. Some people have been going to their dentist for years and are too afraid to speak up and say anything about being unhappy with their oral care. You’re not alone. There are six main reasons why people should change their dentist.

1. You Aren’t Getting the Services You Need- Not every dentist offers all dental services. Some dentists in are only pediatric dentists and others might not offer options such as implants for missing teeth. If you’re finding you aren’t getting the services you need from your dentist, you should consider looking for a new one.  

2. You Have a Growing Family- You’ve probably been seeing a general dentist for a long time, but as your family is growing and changing, you’re going to find yourself needing a pediatric dentist or family dentist to provide oral care for your children. A pediatric dentist specializes in children’s oral health and often has unique training in caring for people with disabilities. A family dentist in Humble TX also has additional training in pediatrics but can treat all members of your family. 

3. You’re Experiencing Pain at the Dentist- While there is no getting around a little bit of discomfort when your mouth is wide open, and a dentist is using instruments and tools in your mouth, experiencing a lot of pain is not normal for regular appointments such as cleanings. Even having cavities filled and root canals should not be painful if your dentist is using the right pain management techniques. 

4. Technology is From Last Millennium- The best dentists stay up to date on the latest and best treatment options available. If your dentist has stuck with the same old techniques since the 1990s, you should consider a switch to a different dentist. There have been many advancements in dentistry and oral healthcare and there will continue to be. You need a dentist that will value advancements in healthcare. 

5. Terrible Patient Care or Doctor Chairside Manners- Sometimes, you just don’t like the dentist or dental assistants. Some dental offices might have poor customer service, they might constantly double or triple book, push your appointments back, have equipment failures, and many other events that can leave you feeling dissatisfied with your patient care. This is often one of the top reasons why patients choose a new dentist. 

6.  Subpar Results to Treatment- If your whitening treatments are not producing results, you still have sensitivity after having cavities pulled, you’re experiencing pain for too long after dental implants, or other subpar results to your treatment, you should seek a new dentist. Pay attention to the results your children are experiencing from the pediatric dentist or family dentist by asking questions about their pain levels, discomfort, or unusual feelings after having a procedure completed. 

Don’t be afraid to take control of your oral healthcare and get back on track with having a healthy mouth. Changing your dentist can be scary, but there are plenty of reasons you might need to do so. Make your oral healthcare a priority by finding the right dentist for you. 

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