Are you wondering why you should stop smoking? Perhaps you have always wanted to stop smoking but have never had a compelling reason to do so. Here are some of the top reasons to stop smoking today:

To Protect Your Family and Friends

If you smoke frequently around your loved ones, you are also exposing them to the harmful toxins that cigarettes contain. Secondhand smoke kills thousands of people per year. In fact, studies show that smoking near pregnant women increases the risk of stillbirths.

Moreover, the toxins in cigarettes usually harm unborn babies by damaging the placenta. If you want to keep your family members safe, you should stop smoking immediately: children who are exposed to smoke suffer from breathing problems, bronchitis, and ear infections.

To Save Money

On average, a smoker spends about two thousand dollars on cigarettes per year. To figure out how much you spend a year, you should multiply the amount you spend daily on cigarettes by 365 days. While doing this calculation, you should also figure in a high rate for health insurance.

Moreover, you will spend more money down the line when the habit of smoking catches up with you. If you cannot stop smoking cold turkey, you should try vaping. To save money try stores like this cheapest online vapor store.

To Live Longer

When you stop smoking, you will have a new lease on life. Smoking daily is one of the most harmful things that you can do to your body. Half of the people who do not quit this nasty habit die from smoke-related sicknesses.

When it comes to smoking, cancer is the biggest risk: in fact, up to fifteen cancers are linked to smoking. You should also not forget about heart disease and lung disease. On average, women who smoke lose 14.5 years of life due to smoking while men lose 13.2 years.

Even if you have been smoking for decades, it is never too late to quit. Stopping at any age can be very beneficial. If you stop smoking at fifty, you will halve your odds of dying in the next ten years. For this reason, you should never listen to people who say that you might as well keep smoking because the damage is done.

To Allow Your Body to Self Repair

As soon as you smoke your final cigarette, your body starts self-repairing. This means that you will get your optimum strength back in about a week. Moreover, you will regain your sense of taste and smell.

As soon as you quit smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate will reduce and your breathing will improve within a week. Because cigarettes have the ability to age you prematurely, you will start looking younger once you quit. Cigarettes stain your teeth, lips, and fingers and cause halitosis – bad breath. For better overall hygiene, you need to stop smoking.

To Fit in Better

Nowadays, smoking is not very socially acceptable and many people stay away from smokers. This means that, as a smoker, you will lose out on great relationships. Additionally, most workplaces have banned smoking on their premises thus making it harder for people to smoke.

You will also miss great apartments because some landlords do not rent to smokers. Moreover, more communities are putting laws in place to ban smoking from restaurants and bars.


Why You Need to Stop Smoking

If you are looking for reasons to stop smoking, the above should be enough. Instead of dropping cigarettes at once, you should reduce your daily consumption steadily until you can stop. Most people who stop smoking cold turkey end up smoking again in the future.