Dash cam sales are growing faster in the US than tablets or digital camera sales and for good reason. There has never been a better time to invest in a dash cam to keep others accountable and yourself protected.

Read on to learn why you should invest in a dash cam today.

What is a Dash Cam

Before getting into the many reasons why you should purchase a dash cam, it’s important to know what a dash cam is. If you’re like most people, the word “dash cam” may bring poorly shot episodes of the show “Cops” to mind. However, dash cams have evolved from the chunky piece of equipment we first heard about in the 90’s.

Today, dash cams are small, sleek and used for a number of reasons. They are typically equipped to the front of your vehicle and create a clear display of what’s going on outside your car.

Why Does Law Enforcement Use Them

By law, law enforcement is required to have a dash cam on during arrests or when giving violations. This is for a number of reasons. First, the video will likely be used in court as evidence that the defendant really did what the officer claimed they did (ran a red light, resisted arrest, etc).

However, more recently, dash cams have been used to ensure that the officer is also using proper conduct throughout questioning and arrests.

The Benefits of a Dash Cam

While dash cams serve as a great benefit to law enforcement officers, civilians can also take advantage of all the neat features this gadget has to offer.

There are a number of reasons to invest in a dash cam. However, here we’ll start by sharing some of our favorites:

Protect Yourself In Case of a Car Crash

When it comes to a car crash, without witnesses the entire thing can be very “he said/ she said”. Even worse, some drivers don’t feel like dealing with the consequences of their action and opt to “hit and run”, leaving you with zero information and the entire repair bill.

In both cases, a dash cam can be incredibly helpful. First, a dash cam can actually document who was to blame in the event of an accident and need a tow. Insurance companies will almost always honor video evidence. Second, in the event of a hit and run you have a higher chance of getting the other cars license plate number on video.

Keep Driver Accountable

If you run a business that requires you to loan out a car (or trust multiple cars to your employees), you want to know they are being respectful and responsible while on the road, and are going where they claim they are going. Unfortunately, you can’t sit in the passenger seat with them all the time to ensure this.

This is another reason to purchase a dash cam. Just knowing that the dash cam is there can keep drivers accountable and are likely to have them on their best behavior.

Less Worry as a Parent

As a parent, there is nothing scarier than handing over the keys to your new teenage driver. After all, it’s not them that concerns you, it’s the other drivers on the road. Okay…it’s them. You do your best to teach your teen as much as you can about safe driving but how do you know if they are sticking to your lessons when you’re not around?

A dash cam can ensure that your teen driver is driving responsibly all the time. It can also help guarantee that they won’t try to sneak off with the car when told not to or drive to places they know they aren’t supposed to go. Consider it your second set of eyes to keep your kiddo safe and sound.

Prevent Fraud

Insurance fraud and identity theft are rampant in the internet age, and often it can take years to clean up if it happens to you. Typically, law enforcement (or your banking institution) will want some kind of evidence that your identity was in fact stolen.

A dash cam offers you a solid alibi in such an event. So if charges to your card are happening in California when your dash cam clearly shows you were in New York, you’re not stuck with the bill.

Keep Your Car Safe

While having a car stolen may seem like the kind of thing that happens out of the blue, typically these crimes are planned months ahead of time. People will scout your vehicle and keep an eye on you to learn your schedule, to discover the best time to make a move on your vehicle.

Unfortunately, as we go through our day to day life, we tend to be too busy to notice such suspicious activity. The good news is if you have a dash cam installed you’ll be much more likely to catch when something simply doesn’t look right.

Record Road Trips

Sometimes a dash cam is about more than protecting yourself and your loved ones. In fact, a dash cam can be used to just have fun. If you’re the type that loves hitting the open road and traveling to new places, chances are you want to remember all those incredible moments.

A dash cam can record the entire road trip without you ever taking your hands off the wheel. Just transfer your footage to your computer, do a little editing and wah-lah! Road trip video complete!

New Dash Cam Features

Whether you’re a techie or simply like a few bells and whistles in your car, the features on many new dash cams is enough to make you want to buy one. New features include parking mode (which switches the camera into standby when the engine is off), vibration detection and even remote live views!

Some new models even allow you to receive push notifications on your phone to alert you when suspicious activity is happening around your vehicle. Not sure what feature is right for your car?

Checking out some helpful reviews is a great way to find what you’re looking for.

Getting the Most Out of Your Vehicle

While there are a number of bells and whistles that can be added to your car, choosing to invest in a dash cam is one of the few that can protect yours from a variety of occurrences.

It’s important to have the right dash cam in place, as well as knowing your rights in the event of a situation. To learn more about the justice system, read one of our many blogs on the subject.

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