So, you look at your calendar and spot that you have a date night coming up this weekend. Plus, to add a bit of worry to the mix, it’s with a cute guy you like, and you don’t know what to wear.

Ladies, we’ve all been there. While it is something of a rom-com stereotype to spend the day before the date looking in shops for the perfect outfit, this is no longer needed. You may find that your dream outfit already exists in your wardrobe, or you may just need to add a few bits to look stylish without going over the top and remaining comfortable.

Date Night Outfit Ideas

Date Night outfit

Therefore, whether your date is going to be at a 5 Star restaurant or in a coffee shop, here are some must-haves for every date night wardrobe.

A Dress

Now, before you say, ‘well, duh’, there are lots of different dress types you can wear, which will give off an elegant vibe without needing to look like Cinderella’s ball gown.

Consider the time of year first. If you are looking for fall date night outfits and want to wear a dress, choosing something with wool or thicker cotton may be a better idea for you. That way, you will stay warm too. If it is summer, opt for a dress that is looser, made from thin cotton or linen, and allows your skin to breathe. As for the dress color, the choice is yours.

Cut-Out Tops and Dresses

Cut-out tops, skirts, and dresses have been seen on the catwalks of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent this year, making them an ideal hat tip to being fashion-conscious while also looking stylish.

Date Night Ideas

Of course, if you are aiming to wear a cut-out top or dress, make sure the weather is appropriate, or be certain to have a warm coat to wrap yourself up in. Best of all, cut-out tops can be paired with more laid-back items of clothing, like jeans or skirts, to give a more casual vibe while also looking different.

A Blazer

Associated by many with the office or meeting with clients, blazers are not going anywhere anytime soon and are being showcased in countless fashion shows. Plus, why wouldn’t they be? They look stylish, can be embroidered, and look great with any item of clothing they are paired with.

Indeed, you could pair a blazer with a dress or a cut-out top, and it would look great with both. So, if you have a blazer lying around in your wardrobe for work, it may be worth moving it to your leisure time wardrobe, as it is the perfect addition to a date night look.

Date Night Outfit Ideas

Belted Shirt

The best thing about belted shirts is that they look great on women of all ages, irrespective of their shape or figure, and they come in a range of fits. If you are a curvy lady who wants to show off her bosom and hips, a tighter-fitting belted shirt is a fun way to do it while also looking smart and casual at the same time. Or, if it’s warmer outside, you can opt for a belted shirt with a looser fit, which will keep you cool and also pull in at the waist to give you a defined shape.