The heart can be sharp-sighted. But you can’t see the most important thing with your eyes.

We all want to know our future well. But, it’s not always easy to talk to an astrologer.

Wondering what is astrology?

Astrology is a science that studies the influence of stars in our lives. 

Are you looking for ways on how to hire an astrologer to learn more about your horoscope? Read this guide to learn how to choose the best astrologer.

How to Choose an Astrologer

Astrology is nowadays more popular than ever. A considerable number of astrologers practice on the Internet with different prices for the services.

The specifics of remote work via the Internet impose additional obligations to which the astrologer must comply.

You’ll have to form your opinion about the astrologer based on the information that he/she puts in free access. 

Checking their authenticity is difficult, but worth a try. To select an astrologer from a variety of proposals, you need to know how to do this. You also need to identify what to rely on during the search.

Here are different things you should consider when choosing your astrologer.

Recommendations for the Best Astrologer

The best way to find a master in any profession is good advice. If one of your friends worked with an astrologer and got satisfied – this is a good sign for great success.

The names of effective astrologers get transmitted by word of mouth. The one who recommends has already done half the work for you.

They chose this option from a variety of possibilities. Remember, the one recommending must have tested the service. It’s safe to use their option!

However, the advice must come from a person close to you in spirit. Otherwise, you shouldn’t assume that what they liked would be suitable for you.

To avoid disappointment, be sure to do a real analysis. Don’t only ask whom you can recommend to me. But also ask why you support this particular person?

Do your observations!

What if there’s no one to recommend an astrologer to you?  Of course, you can find one yourself.

Google is there to help you. When you search, you’ll receive a list from a variety of sites. You can then choose from that.


You cannot suddenly wake up with the “gift of the astrologer” or receive it from the grandmother-sorceress.

A professional astrologer must have studied astrology from a recognized institution. 

However, I can’t deny that you can study astrology by yourself. Perhaps there are talented self-taught astrologers. In the era of books and the Internet, nothing is impossible. 

But still, the presence of a school certificate is the key to the seriousness of the astrologer’s intentions and knowledge.

Practical Experience

Astrologers who haven’t worked for long may not have enough experience. Therefore, they cannot be real professionals.

For the development of skills, it takes at least five years of practical experience. On the other hand, if an astrologer is well experienced, then there’s no need for a diploma.

You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t even know how to read a birth chart!

Many qualified astrologers publish their articles in the press. They also conduct research; participate in seminars and various discussions.

The best astrologers in the world also release scientific astrological books.

Personal Data

A professional never hides his/her real name, place of residence, and appearance. As a client, you must identify who you’re dealing with.

If you don’t find any data about the astrologer offering services, then you’re dealing with a quack.

Range of Services

Every astrologer knows the limits of his/her abilities and capabilities. A serious astrologer can get identified easily.

Unlike many business people from astrology, they don’t offer all sorts of astrological predictions. They won’t tell you that they’ll solve all your needs from A to Z.

A professional specializes in three or four directions and can’t be a jack of all trades.

Quality of Their Site

Many astrologers practicing on the Internet are owners of their websites. If the site consists of one page with fees for services, don’t make an order for the forecast.

An astrologer who respects himself must post professional biography and interesting links to the site.

The information must be sufficiently complete. Examples are the type of service, price list, guarantees, payment methods, and contact information.

Payment for Services

Each city has its price for the services of an astrologer.

The astrologer’s site often spells out the cost of his/her services. You can also find out by contacting a specialist directly.

To understand the average level of prices in the market, conduct its analysis, and visit sites of several astrologers. 

What you should watch for:

Are the services very cheap and involve only a written consultation?

In this case, the specialist will use standard blanks. They’ll not bother too much with the interpretation of all the intricacies of your card.

Whether horoscopes or tarot readings, astrological advice cannot be cheap!

The price for the services of an astrologer includes up to 3 hours, which the astrologer spends with you.

The preparation takes several hours and sometimes, days of work. A few days of work, as you understand, can’t be cheap.

If the astrologer to whom you addressed asks for too much, this is a real rip-off.

It’s good to use the average price on the market as your guide.


If the astrologer speaks to you in a polite, official manner, and answers all questions, this is a good sign.

Dare to ask the same questions you would ask a psychologist or a guidance counselor!

Finally, learn in detail about his/her philosophy, beliefs, and practice.

The ideal way to get satisfied is to visit an astrologer who meets your expectations.

There are no acceptable reasons for the answers to be less professional. The astrologer must explain the progress of the consultation correctly. 

It would be unusual for you to pay for the consultation before knowing what you’ll do there.

Bottom Line

When talking to the astrologer, be as careful as you would be with other professional counselors. 

This will give you a good idea of the best astrologer and their practice.

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