88sears is a human resource system for the Sears Holding Corporation employees. Through the website, employees can access employment details such as contact information, health, pay checks and other related information.

Additionally, the Sears employees can learn and apply for the benefits that are offered by the company such as financial, health, life and other benefits. The website is not open to anyone, you have to register to access. If you are an employee, here is how to register.

Getting Started at 88Sears, The Registration Procedure

For you to register with 88sears, you should first be in the employee of Sears. The process of registration is easy provided that you follow the joining guidelines below.

Ensure first of all that you possess a laptop and internet connection for you to gain access to the website and register.

  • Then open the browser and type the website link, www.88sears.com
  • On the page, a box will appear that will require your working email, type it there and press confirm.
  • The third steps is creating your own password and remember not to share it.
  • Afterwards, you will be using the email and the created password as the authentication details whenever you want to access the website information.
  • In the box of Zip code, enter your details. Then in case, you want email updates, confirm that in the box that asks you to do so.
  • The final step is to click on the register link and your account is now ready. You can now access all your information as well as your family’s while on the website.

Search Workers Benefits Online

The company website, www.88sears.com is where the employees of the corporation and the associates are able to find a certain type of information. The two groups of persons can access their information that is related to their enrolment. The kind of the information that is offered on the site, is what a person used to visit offices to get, traditionally.

Accessing The Sears Company’s Website

Sears have many financial products for workers.
Sears have many financial products for workers.

 One of the simplest ways to access the website of the company either as a SHO/ SHC worker or any other person of interest is to enter an address of the website into the browser and click on the enter button.

Another way is by the means of the search engine. You can search for the terms such as SHC HR or SHC Human Resources.
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Major sections of the Sears88 Website

Under this section, the employees will be able to get information pertaining various benefits that are meant to them. Additionally, they will find here the application forms for the same benefits.
Compensation sector.
Here, employees are able to find the information that relates to their income.
Section of diversity.
The section deals with the associate networks, in this segment, one can start authentication of employment, and furthermore, one can find the information about the diversity of the company.
The performance sector.
In the performance sector, the employee will view the information on the matters that relate to performance assessment and retention.
In case you want to learn anything or acquire more information about the company, then this section is meant for you. Additionally, the links to training resources are also obtained in the same section.
The talent acquisition.
If you are interested in joining Sears corporation, all the recruitment information is found here. Also, new employees can find their information in the same segment.
Resource section.
Under this section, the targeted workers will be able to get a different form that pertains the policies and procedures.

Links at www.88sear.com
By browsing through the page of this website, if you pay attention, you will realize that there are two kinds of the links.

Links that are labeled with a single arrow.
Such links are available for the website access for the people that are making use of the computers of Sears Holding Network.
Links that are labeled with a double arrow.
These ones are meant for the those who are not using the computers of the company.

Different types of benefits at 88Sears
The information is in form of summary of the benefits of the retirees and the benefits that are available for the members that are eligible. Kindly read the information with great care if you are one of them, for you to start planning.

Pension Plans at Sears88

I. To get your pension plans, visit https://searspension.ehr.com
II. Provide your social security number and password to log in.
III. Then click on my retirement.
IV. In the place of tools, choose, estimate my pension.
V. You can either select create from the single scenario or compare scenarios.
VI. Then select get started.
VII. At the benefits estimator, you are able to review your benefits.
The benefits and the option of the payment will appear on the screen.

Starting Your Pension

You can make a retirement package up to 90 days before the date of retirement. It is recommended that you request your retirement package 60-90 days for proper completion of the kit in time.

Saving Plans at Sears88

If you have to make contributions to the saving plans in the quarter of the period you are terminating your employment, then your account will be credited by the corporation basing on your contribution.

The amount will be credited shortly at the termination of the quarter in which you made the contributions.
When it comes to the options of the payment, you will receive the details from the company to your home address containing your payment options.

Sears88 Medical Benefits

Starting 1st of January 2018, retiree medical benefits will be equal to that of the associates of Sears Holdings. Some of the eligibility for the retirement medical benefits includes.

I. By the retirement time, you should be at least 55 years or 50 years due to health reasons.
II. Unit closing in which you are supposed to get the benefits below a transition pay plan.
III. You should have completed 10 years consecutively of offering service at your retirement time.
IV. Having secured employment by that has elected to participate in the Sear Retiree Medical Plan.

The medical benefits are meant for you as well as your dependents. Then if you meet the above requirements, after you retire you will get the packet of information as well as the instructions on how you are supposed to enroll. You have the option of electing the coverage or suspend the coverage in the period of 60 days, failure to which you will have waived your COBRA rights.

In case you go for the option of the coverage within 60 days, then the coverage will onset on the day after your coverage as an active affiliate terminates under the condition that your premiums are received are they are supposed to.

If you decide to suspend you medical coverage within the 60-day span or anytime if you choose the option. Then once you have suspended your medical coverage, you may receive the retiree medical coverage under the conditions that, if you were on a continuous cover by another medical plan, or you are not again eligible to your other coverage.

88Sears Life Insurance

Your paid life insurance coverage terminates at the time you stop working with the company. These are the current conversion options with Sears88 Life Insurance right now.

You can choose to turn your Company Paid Life Insurance coverage to a personal policy in case you were enrolled in an optional life insurance for a period of 12 months before the period of the termination. You can elect to port up to 50% of your personal insurance or $1 million, and that you will consider that is less.

Also, you have the choice of converting the other amount that remains to optional life insurance to personal life policy. In case you did not choose the convertibility option, then you have the right to convert the whole sum to an individual policy. Another option is that you may choose to convert any child or spouse to a personal policy.

In the short while after the termination of your employment with the company, it will send you the information about the conversion as well as the portability rights. The information you will receive includes the instructions and the premiums that relate to porting your coverage.

For the information about the conversion of the premiums, you can contact the company and demand to address the Securian representative. From the day of your termination, you will have 31 days to either port or convert your optional life insurance.

Sears88 Retiree Discount

All the members who qualify to get the retirement benefits and happen to retire in line with the policies of the company, they are given retirement discount when the employment period is over. Just immediately after retiring, the associate or spousal discount will convert automatically to dollars off discount.

No cards will be issued in the form of retirement cards. You can get a replacement for the discount card by calling the Sears Holding HR Support Center.

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