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Get Your Annual Credit Report Online

In 2003 a law was passed that all American consumers should be able to pull their credit for free three times a year.  This enables consumers to not have to pay to view all of the information which is out there about them and allows for them also moving forward with ensuring that they have accurate credit information.  The reason that you want to check your credit report on a regular basis is quite simple, all of the borrowing which you do is in fact based on your credit report.  Therefore, if there is inaccurate information on the credit report it can lead to long term higher rates and make borrowing more difficult.  For this reason it is very important that consumers take advantage of the change in the law and use sites like

  • Go to .

  • Next choose your state.
  • The Click “Request Report” button.
  • Put in all of your personal information and then you will also be able to add your email address.
  • After adding your email addresses this will be the location that your credit report is in fact sent to.

Log into your email afterwards and you will find a copy of your credit report waiting for you there.  This will enable checking your credit and assuring that the information which is there is accurate much easier.  Plan on spending a few minutes every three months to ensure that you are meeting all of your requirements, this will help you always have excellent credit.  If you find out your credit needs repair, you should consider using Highline Credit to help raise your credit score.

Website makes certain that they are in fact being certain that all of their bases are covered.  The website was created in conjunction with all of the three big companies to assist in the ability to comply with the new law and for this reason it also reports from all three which is quite nice.  Sometimes it can be quite challenging when you are getting reporting only from one agency because across the different agencies the information can be incorrect.  For this reason it is very important to check it on a regular basis and do everything possible to make certain that the information is in fact correct.

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