started off as a question and answer driven search engine in 1996 in Berkley California.  It was designed to be the original precursor to Google which allowed the user to merely type in a question and then find an answer right there.  Following this model it became and when this happened it was more driven as an internet butler.  The entire idea behind a butler is to bring anything which is necessary at any moment to the person who is looking for it and in this respect it was thought that Ask Jeeves would be able to bring all of the obscure information from the far reaches of the internet to one place.  With the rise of Google went back to its original problem solving method since it was able to provide answers quickly to common questions.  And in addition to this it also was going back to its bread and butter realizing that with massive amounts of algorithm developments on Google’s side it was not possible to keep up with the additions and changes which were being made.  Following this change back to the original model the creator of the software also became the CEO of the company.

In order to effectively sell services on the internet you must be searchable. And part of that is being visible as well to consumers.  If you cannot get to the top of the list for things like Google and it will be virtually impossible to establish your company’s reputation with other companies.  For this reason you need to be visible on

  • Go to
  • Go to Sign in and sign in with your credentials

ask 1

  • If you have not already registered register here and enter in all of the details of your company.

ask 2

  • After this when you proceed to the local page you will find your business to be searchable.
  • You can reach out to clients to post reviews.

Remember that to be visible on the virtual world, you must be visible on more than Google.  Register Today!

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