So you just got your new bank of America activate credit card in the mail and you want to go out and use it.  However there are a few things to remember before you go off and do that and one of them is that you’re new card needs to bank of America activate credit card.

Bank of America Activate Credit Card

This means that you must let the bank know that you have received your card and go through the activation service before trying to use it at a local retailer.  If you do not do that you will be a bit surprised because essentially you will get the inevitable and no fun message that your card has been declined in activate bank of America credit card.

Different Ways to Activate Credit Card

There are a few different ways to activate your card, but remember that is a must before trying to shop with it!

Activate Credit Card
  • In order to use this form you must already be a member of online banking.
  • Enter in your online Id
bank of America activate credit card
Login Page
  • Next you need to put in your details, this means putting is your Online Id, then using your site key which is the graphic that BOA uses to identify your account.
  • Following this your next steps will be to select the card you would like to activate as there can be multiple cards each one of these systems is also used for credit card activation as well.
bank of America activate credit card
Bank of America
  • After entering in this information you can also continue by clicking and putting the information into the system until you see a green screen which says activation complete.
  • If you do not have internet you can also activate a debit card in an ATM by simply going to the bank and inputting all of your pin and information and making a deposit or a withdrawal from the ATM.  This will allow you to also activate your card upon its first use.
  • If you do not want to make a trip to the bank another option is to call the activation number on the back of the card from your home phone.  After this you will be prompted to enter personal information in order to continue.  Following entering in this information you will be able to continue and your activate bank of America credit card will be activated.

Credit Card Offers

Activate bank of America credit card offers three flexible options for activation, choose which is the easiest for you to assist in expenses in bank of America activate credit card. It has never been easier than when you are offered three different options to fulfill the needs of activation.  Clearly BOA has spent time researching and assisting customers’ needs.

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