The jobs that people do remain their main source of income and determinant of economic progress. When you loose your job, you become highly vulnerable. If you live in California and lost your employment, the county administration has thought about you and is highly committed to assist you until you get the next stable job. Through the Employment Development Department, the county purposes to assist all jobless people with key benefits and facilitate a happier living. However, to benefit from these benefits, you need to register at al jobs.

About Call Jobs:

This is an internet program targeting both the unemployed and employers. It is a service that offers opportunities for employers looking for employees as well as employees to get the right careers. If you have lost your job, you need to register with the company in its process which is simple and quick.

Registration requirements:

  • You are required to be a legal resident in California
  • You are also required to register and therefore be a member of the Call Job Company.
  • You are also required to be an accepted person/ applicant for the available positions under the Employment development department
  • You will further require to have a computer and reliable internet

A Step By Step Guide For Signing Up:

  • Visit the company website at
  • Check the upper end side to locate the icon indicated “register” and click it to proceed with the registration.
  • Select the option related option that you want to get registration either for individual or Employee.
  • Read the Terms and conditions and click on “Agree”.
  • Now click on the “Job Seekers Find a Job” option button at homepage.
  • On clicking “Job Seekers Find a Job” option button, you will find a tab window on the right containing multiple tabs like “Quick job search, Advanced job search, Job search by employer, Job search by education, Job search by skills, Job search by resume criteria, Job number search”.
  • And on the left side of this page, you will find multiple options like “My work place, Quick Menu, Services for the individuals and other services”.
  • The default option of the tab window is “Quick Job Search” option.
  • The quick job search option contains an Area Type (zip code) box and a keyword box in which you have to enter your desired zip code and the key word.
  • After entering on these fields, press the button “search” on this form.


Loosing a job can be really stressful. Once you have signed up, you will find it very easy to search for jobs. Indeed, employers will also start looking for you as the get your resume. Remember that most of the jobs that are available in the site are not offered anywhere else and you will therefore not have great competition. This is a great way of getting a new employment fast after loosing the current one. Do not wait anymore, sign up and let the site work for you.

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