The California Lottery began in 1985 and has been raising money ever since.  Since it started it has offered many different games and options for people playing the game both with the chance to win in a scratch off and the chance to also win as well with many different kinds of games.  For this reason there are many options which have become available over the years and there are many different prizes that are won.  There is scratch off cards from 1.00 all the way up to 20.00 for one individual play; the options have enabled users to also see more payouts as well with further options like second and third chances at winning.  The lottery has become more and more popular as well in recent years as there have been many people winning the lottery in new ideas and formats.  Many new users have spent extra money and resources as well on more tickets than in the past due to the fact that there have been so many wins.  The lottery has even set up an easy way for winners to sign in online and claim their earnings right there online.  The only thing that a user needs is a user name and password.

Way To Sign In:


  • Then after this you can click the “sign in” link or the “join” link.
  • If you have not had the ability to sign in yet this is where you would be able to sign up to claim your prizes online.
  • Put in your email address and then your password.


  • After this you will have the ability to put in a security question as well and then click “next”.
  • This will enable you to be able to reply online by putting in the details of your scratcher ticket’s ticket Id and entry code into the appropriate field and click “submit”.

After this you will have the ability to submit and to play your second chance.

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