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Access Career Builder Assessment Tests Online

Career Builder has been around since 1995 and is one of the largest websites out there for finding a job.  Each month there are over 34 million different users who search for a new job online.  Before 1995 and the development of the internet it is almost impossible to know how we ever found work.  However, these days everything is handled online and the way we search for work is changing.  Following the recession there are many people as well who are going back to work for the first time in a very long time, so it is now an excellent resource.  It in addition to just allowing people to search for work will also allow for users to take a test to see what they are good at and what they have the ability to do for work.  If it is time for you to consider a new career path this is a great place to take a test and find a way to do that with the testing functionality on the site.  It is an old tool which is taking on new meaning for job seekers.

How To Access?

  •  Click sign in and then for Sign up for an account click “sign up now” button.
  • After you go to the site put in your user name and also your password and  enter your personal information.  Following this you will be able to validate your sign up with a link and then add your email as well as your name and resume.
  • Following this if you click the link that says “My Career Builder” you will be able to click that link and then will be able to take assessment tests.

The tests will tell you what skills you may have that you did not know you had.  What else are you good at that you might not know about?  If you sign up for an account you will be able to take the tests and then find out what other skills you in fact have and put them to use.  Log in and sign up and check it out today.

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