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Win $1,000 In Chili’s Guest Survey

Chili’s was started in 1975 in Dallas Texas and is owned by Brinker International.  They pride themselves on their Tex Mex and American Menus which actually contains gluten free and other options for all consumers.  The food is fantastic and amazing with a flair that is all their own, they are famous for Queso and handcrafted soups and their reasonable rates.  For this reason it is great that Brinker international cares about the customer experience so much that they give a discount and a free appetizer typically with the taking of the survey.  The survey asks very detailed questions about the service, time required to deliver the food and the quality of the meal.

  • Go to
  • Click the option of whether you want to proceed in English or Spanish.

  • Next enter in the 12 digit code that came off of the receipt to add in the information which is important for the application to continue.  The system enables tracking based on the code according to what restaurant which you were in.  This is important because it enables the corporate office to know which location you are referring to without having to get the information from the store itself.
  • Click Go then and continue by answering all of the feedback questions a few example questions include the following:
    • How was the cleanliness of the store?
    • How friendly was the staff?
    • How was the selection on the menu?
    • How was the quality of the food?
    • How fast did the food come to the table?
    • Was the server helpful in providing all of the items which were needed?
    • What was the payment process like?
    • What could be done to improve the experience?

All of this information is very important related to making the customers very happy.  For this reason filling out the surveys provides a huge amount of data for the consumers and also for the corporate office.  It is not possible for them to be everywhere all at once so all information provided is invaluable.

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