Since the recession many people have been out of work and the Alabama Department of Labor has made things easy for consumers get out there and then be able to find work at the Department of Labor.  For this reason alone they have created a centralized website which has made things very easy to allow people to go to the website to handle all of the functions which are related to taking training, searching for employment, and also finding employment all online whenever necessary.  For this reason the time which is required to handle all of these services has drastically decreased and has made life much easier for all people involved in the process.  In order to stay on top of the process all that is necessary is that someone signs up online to ensure that they in fact have access to the site.  After that they will in fact be able to move forward with the ability to again to find work and search through what is available at the moment.

  • Go to .
  • Click Find a job or Apply.


  • Put in your user name and password and then click Log in.
  • After doing this you will be able to move forward with the process of finding and plying for a job.  If you are not registered begin with registering first.
  • Click the Job Seekers Link


  • Next Click the Create an Account Link.
  • Put in all of your information and clicks submit.  Within a few moments you should receive and email which will allow you to begin sending and receiving emails which are related to your account.  After this you will be able to log in and you will be able to upload a resume and the search for all of the listings which are available today.

Take a few moments and sign up and then plan on being able to move forward with the application process online as well.  You will be able to look and find the job you have been looking for all in this same location.

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