Direct TV launched its television service in 1994 and has been around since then.  In addition to this it also offers an amazing service in the field of high internet speed DSL to its customers.  This is wonderful because they are highly competitive with other providers who are currently active and offer excellent deals for users such as 29.99 for two years related to cable and also other services.  With the 29.99 deal the genie is included which means that the users have the ability to watch the same program in up to 4 rooms at a time.  The commercials are very catchy and have inspired other customers to try, who might not have tried it before.  The deal which is going on has become an active drawl for new users who are enticed by the free offers which are available going forward.  It offers promotional rates for a long time of at least 2 years and this makes it easy to sign up and have the rate available for at least two years.  The rate is special and has made many users decide to move forward with keeping it.  Currently there are 36.65 million homes nationwide which use it as their provider.

How To Get?

  • Go to .
  • Click “Sign in or Register”
  • Next if you already have a user name and password enter in this information now.
  • After this click “register”.
  • First begin by putting in your last name your zip code and phone number.


  • Following this you will be led through a process of steps which will include inputting your address and other information as well as choosing a user name and a password.
  • After then choosing a user name and a password you will be able to log in and then begin exploring the different options for pricing.

Off Line Application:

  •  To get satellite TV service call at 1-866-319-9838

It is known for its competitive rates whether you are looking for cable or for high speed internet and when you choose multiple services together the rate is much better than if you choose any of them apart.

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