Using My Dish has never been easier to sign in and to see all of your entertainment options.  Whether you are looking for a great new cable provider or maybe you just want to know what your options are it is easy and possible to log into your account and find out about new promotions and new ideas at the drop of a hat.  Go to

  • Go to the log in area and “click log in”.
  • Put in your online Id and your password
  • If you do not yet have an account you can sign up for one right there on the site by Clicking Create Online ID.
  • To sign up enter in your 16 digit account number and then click continue.
  • This will enable you to continue with the sign up process and the rest of the information entered will be things like address, name, contact number and all of the other details.  Once you input this information you will receive an id and a confirmation.  Then you will be able to return to your log in page and enter in all of the details for your account and sign in.
  • You can use your sign in to pay your bill, find out about upcoming deals, and to look at information which you are expecting like upcoming features being added to their services and other details.
  • In addition to this by returning to the home page you can also research all of the services, options and plans which Dish offers.  As the entertainment industry is a highly competitive market it is completely possible to get a great deal on cable and to investigate all of your options before signing up and making a commitment to one dealer.  In addition there is a wonderful option called Perks which allows you to explore all of the different benefits which are available to Dish Customers.

With technology driving entertainment you should not be limited to poor entertainment.  Check out all the perks and benefits which Dish has to offer.

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