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Get Access To Identity Management Portal At DMV

The DMV was founded in California in 1901 as a solution for regulating all identification as well as all of the licenses which are issued in the state of California.  The DMV works in conjunction with the Superior Court of California and has over 85 offices and 9000 employees.  This allows the DMV to issue all licenses for boats, trucks, cars, and all other ventures.  The court works in conjunction with the DMV to watch for all kinds of issues related to violations of traffic as well as other issues with licensing.  For this reason the DMV has many hats to wear and a lot of responsibility to take on.  With the rise of technology the state of California has created a centralized database of all California residents with licenses so that they have the ability to process and also have fast verification and centralization of all data.  For this reason there is a great Identity Management Portal.  In order to be a part of this and have your information you need to make sure that you have all of your documentation ready to go.  The documentation will involve a birth certificate, marriage certificate, a few bills and all of it will be necessary to be a part of the database.  Gather your documentation and get ready to become a part of the database.

  • Go to
  • Then click log in or register.
  • The registration page will b infront of you , put all the desire information in it
  • This will enable you to order your driver’s license in advance as well as legacy plates which are some of the older editions of the plates.

Again by having your documentation together and registering early you will have everything that is required to fill in your information and be ready to move forward with the renewal or registration policy.  The website is easy to use and tells you exactly what documents need to be deployed in what areas.  Keep this in mind and make certain that you follow all of the steps on the website.  Then you will be able to begin and get your license flawlessly.

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