The Virginia DMV has made things much easier to apply for a renewal these days for your ID.  Instead of standing in line for a very long time these days you are able to sign up online and then get your ID renewed there.  Instead of dealing with the hustle and the bustle of the office and the DMV you are now able to move forward with the process of renewing online and then you will be able to have a very nice opportunity to save your time and then you will be able to also continue with your information to renew your ID.

  • Go to .
  • Click “Adult ID Cards” link.
  • Click “view my account” link.
  • Put in your customer number and then your date of birth and click continue.  After doing this you will be guided through a series of questions to ensure your identity and to check your current address.  After filling in this information you will receive a confirmation that your id card will be sent to you and you will know it will arrive between 7-10 business days.  This has greatly simplified the process of applying for an id card and also renewing an id card since these days there is less information which is required to get the card and also less information required to renew.
  • ID cards are not driver’s licenses they are instead cards which ensure that you will be able to move forward with all of the information required to be able to have proof of identity in general situations such as traveling at the airport of getting a passport.  All of the information is centralized and is processed through a centralized database to ensure that it is monitored and is a part of a national database as well.  Online services have greatly increased the time which is saved in the renewal process.

If you need to renew your ID card sign on today knowing that the process will be easy and quick and you will not have to stand in line forever to make it happen.

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