Dollar General was founded in 1964 and has over 10,000 stores in the U.S and has become an amazing staple of communities all over the U.S. Since the recession began many of the shoppers have gone from buying a few basics at the local grocery to the dollar store.  Things for example like toiletries, toilet paper, cat food, and canned goods are all now being bought at the dollar store.  For this reason there are many shoppers who are singing the praises of the Dollar General.  In addition to that they also stat off their managers at reasonable salaries and restrict the hours which some of the workers.  For this reason Dollar General has become a very popular both as a store and as an employer.  And they constantly want to hear from you as well about how to improve the shopping situation.

  • Go to
  • And then Click on Enter to Win
  • 36 Times per year they give up 1000 dollar gift certificates to their store.
  • Next go to
  • And read the rules and regulations if necessary and continue.
  • Choose your language of choice and continue

 dol 2

  • Next enter in the code from the bottom of the receipt and click continue.

 dollar general 2


  • After doing so you will have the ability to continue and put in information about pricing, cleanliness, location and other details which assist the corporate office.

This is amazing information which is then collected by the office and then is used to improve the selection and the customer experience which is taken on by the consumer.  There are many things which can always be improved and this is a great way to give more information to the offices so if there is a particular brand or something you are missing in your experience you have the ability to let the home office know about it.  And also who does not want to win a gift certificate for 1000 dollars?  These are both excellent chances for both things to happen.  Give them your opinion!

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