Dollar Tree is focused on great prices and a great price and is in the top 500 companies in the U.S…  They are headquarter outside of Chesapeake Virginia and have 4,400 stores in the U.S. and in Canada.  They pride themselves on having amazing prices on everything from toiletries, groceries, and home needs.  All of the items which are in the store are in fact priced at a dollar as well which is different from many of the other competitors out there who have priced things at more than a dollar and still branded themselves with the dollar logo.  And more importantly than that they offer employees excellent hours and benefits and start with fair pay as well as pay.  Employees get an employee discount as well which assists with the bills as they are starting off.  When shopping there you will find everything that you need for a reasonable price and also well organized.  Your opinion is worth gold as well assisting with the planning and the development of future stores.

  • Go to
  • Enter in the details such as the money that you spent, the store number that you visited, the date and the time.

dol tre 1

  • Unlike some of its competitors there are multiple chances to win 1000 dollars daily here which is wonderful for loyal customers.
  • Click enter and then enter in the answers to all of the questions which are asked.  There will be questions based on affordability, selection, availability, store hours and other information which assists in making some of the best selections and choices in the business to help them collect the best information.

For this reason it is very helpful for the company to collect the information to be able to provide better service, better selection, helpful choices, as well as great details of service.  Spend the time to fill out the information and you will be assisting with the entire process and the information which is needed to provide the best experience possible.  In addition to this you also have the chance to win 1000 multiple times per day.

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