Earning for learning is the program introduced by the Macy’s Inc. which underscores the long duration undertaking of the company to the education of the youth of America. Community involvement in education consistent with the purpose of advancing, the program “earning for learning” has promoted volunteer employees for mentoring, tutoring and other activities related to education, and in addition provides the opportunity to get the aid directly form foundation of Macy’s to the nationwide community schools. The retirees, employees and the immediate family members are encouraged to volunteer in a purposeful way in the secondary and elementary schools of their children, or in time paired schools, by the “earning for learning” program of the Macy’s Inc. The Macy’s foundation intentions are also to support the schools financially, having employees with active interests.

Macy e learning

About program:

Earning for learning is a program through which endowments are provided to the certified private or public secondary or elementary schools at which the employee or retiree of Macy’s Inc. can volunteer considering the terms of the program. Applications for grants are reviewed on quarterly basis and the check issuing months are March, June, September and December. Within or after the 90 days of receiving an application the check is issued. After sending the check the check to the school the volunteer is informed by the notification. Macy’s Inc. can ask for any document it thinks necessary to issue the payment and it saves this right.

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