First Commonwealth Banking is headquartered in Pittsburgh and is one of the largest banks in the city.  Following the issues which were out there after the Financial Crisis there were many banks which had a terrible time with the financial issues and then after this FC was one of the banks that did not require any kind of bailout following the crisis.  This has led to more options as well as increased options for consumers who have the ability to use the bank for checking, savings, credit cards, money market, as well as mutual funds.  For this reason there are many different options which have made things much easier for consumers and which have also created an excellent advantage as well for others who have moved forward with high interest rates as well as many other options which are in the favor of the account holders.  These days as well there are excellent rates which are in the benefit of the account holders.


  • Click the “mutual funds” link.
  • Next you will be able to see many of the different options that are available in Mutual Funds.


  • Hit “click here” link.


  • Put in your name, address, city, state, home phone, work phone and best time to call.  After this you will be able to put in why you are interested as well in mutual funds.
  • After this you will also have a phone call which will then assist you in moving forward with your goals.

After this it is important to move forward as well with choices which will help you as you plan for your future as well as you are also able to handle all of the information as well responsible which is important for your future.  Plan very extensively for making certain that you are able to have all of the information which you need to do an excellent amount of research as well make the best decisions with your money and with your future investments.