Fed Ex is able to use its international resources to deliver anywhere in the world.  Based out of Memphis it has one of the largest international resource networks in the world.  Having been formed after mergers with several different companies the company has continued to grow and has created one of the largest resource areas out there with an amazing online tracking program which is able to find and track any single package and any location at a time in the world.  For this reason it is possible to log into their site at any moment and see the direct location of a package whether it is in a warehouse or if it is also somewhere like in the back of a truck enroute to a location.  If you need to see the whereabouts of a package the first thing that is necessary to do it to find the receipt you had when you paid for the package to be sent and then identify the routing number.  Following this process you will be able to then move forward with tracking the package and finding out where it is going and what time it will be arriving at its new location.

To Log In:

  • Go to www.fedex.com .
  • Choose the region where you are sending the package from and then you will be able to choose your next location. Whether it is going to be in the U.S., Mexico or Canada.
  • After this you will be able to put in your user name and password and then the digits on your receipt.
  • When you enter in the digits on the receipt you will then be able to see and to click enter to track the exact location of the package at any moment in time that you need to.

It also offers a 24-7-365 live chat line which will enable you to be able to track a package in the event that it has gotten lost somewhere along the way.  Sometimes in more remote areas of the world it is very possible that the packages end up in a warehouse somewhere.