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To Create An Account For A Visa My Gift Card

Visa Gift cards are great because they are able to be used anywhere by anyone at any time to make any purchase.  Typically they are preloaded by a particular amount and some cards can have value added and others cannot.  Basically this means that when someone gives you a gift card they will provide payment up front and then your next step is to take that and to go to the store and make purchases.  Some of the cards are reloadable.  In the case that the card is reloadable you have the ability to go to any grocery store or seller of Visa Gift cards and present them with cash to add to your account.

On the back of the gift cards there will be a number or a website which is specific to the gift card.  The official Visa Gift Card process is as follows.

  • Go to
  • Then go to their site and enter, register my card.  When completing this you will be able to choose a user name and a password to put this information into the system to login.
  • Or Click on register to “create an account” by giving your gift card number, expiry date, 3 digit code and expiry year.
  • Following this you will have your activation process on the screen.
  • One thing to keep mind is that the entire process is changeable from each individual provider and for this reason it is very important to read all of the instructions.  As has been stated previously some are actually reload able and others are not.
  • For this reason make sure that you have all of the information that you need to understand what the details are of your individual card.

Please make certain that you are constantly checking what the case is for the individual providers as it is difficult to have all of the official details as they vary from purveyor to purveyor.  You will have the ability as well to ensure that you know the balance and information.  And enjoy!

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