A Happy Meal is a tradition for American children, as much as McDonald’s is a tradition it is also very possible to call.  Children of all ages have been eating the meals since the 1950s which used to consist of a hamburger and French fries.  These days they have improved and have become much healthier.  These days they consist of fruit as well as dairy instead of some of the other past choices which were not so healthy.  One thing however that has stayed the same is the fact that they still contain a toy.  The toy is excellent because it is a collector’s item for a local movie of sorts or another franchise promotion. Also now there is a website which allows for eaters to log in and to be able to track all of the different promotions which are available at the time and then see what toys will be coming up and also what will be able to be enjoyed going forward. 


  • Click Log in next.
  • Click Get Started to sign up and then you will be able to move forward with the rest of the registration process.


  • Choose a user name and a password and then you will be able to click go and log into the site.
  • After you are logged in you will be able to see all of the information related to the specials and promotions.

Log in today so that you will be able to see all of the upcoming promotions and stay on top of all of the information.

it is excellent to make certain that there is a user name and password to ensure that the person in question is able to move forward with signing in.  In addition to this afterwards it is possible to also have information as well on all of the promotions which are coming in the future and stay up to date on all upcoming promotions and other information moving forward.

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