Hilton as one of the most aggressive and flexible players in the hotel industry has an amazing system for reserving rooms and planning reservations.  They also offer one of the best loyalty programs to guests which are Hilton Honors.  This program allows for guests to acquire miles and to save up with their stays for future vacations. Unlike some loyalty programs there is also never any expiration in the points so it is possible to use them anywhere and anytime.  For this reason many of Hilton’s competitors have been green with envy at the loyal following which has been created by Hilton.  To plan your next vacation goes to hilton.com.

A relatively new website builder by Lodgify.com has become the latest fad for those that are looking to build an affordable and branded vacation rental website.  One of the biggest problems with a vacation rental website is the software tools that are needed to properly run operations.

  • Enter in information such as where you are going as well as your check in and check out dates: hilton
  • After this their system will do a search and find all of the brands that they offer to find the brand and rate you are looking for:


  • Click on the hotel link to see a preview of the amenities of the hotel and to make sure that it is the one you are looking for.
  • After you review all of the features of the hotel and decide that this is the one you are interested in then it is time to book the hotel.
  • Next click availability to make sure that while you were looking at the hotel that the one or two rooms which were available did not expire.


  • Choose the hotel room that you would like and then continue on with entering personal information
  • Enter in all of your information and then you will receive a confirmation of your arrival and of your dates


  • While you are on the site if you are not a member of Hilton Honors make certain that you sign up before you leave the site.
  • Go to the sign up link.  Go back to Hilton.com and click the sign up link in the top right of the page.


  • Enter in all of your information and you will be well on your way to saving money and points for upcoming trips.  You will be amazed at how fast you are able to earn a free vacation.
  • Employee can have direct access for discount booking @ hilton.com

Staying with Hilton has never been easier or more flexible to do.  With all of these perks and possibilities have an amazing vacation!  You can go anywhere anytime with Hilton.

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