HSN or Home Shopping Network is one of the leading TV based retailer companies in the world. Their main objective is to provide topnotch services to its global customers including credit card application and processing in their official website. If you have a card, you can save a huge amount of money on your purchases. In addition to this, you will also have a very convenient way of shopping. This card has no annual fee and you can use to take advantage of a whole range of exclusive discounts on selected items. You can also use it to manage your bill payments via the company’s Flex Pay option.

Card Application Process:

To start with your online application, you need to have a device with internet connection such as laptop, desktop computer or smart phone. You will also need to have a social security number and a valid email address to fill up your application. An applicant must also be a legal citizen of the United States and of legal age before the card application is processed. Follow the instructions below.

  • The first step is to visit their official website at www.hsn.com .
  • Scroll down at the end of the page and look on the right hand side of the bottom page. Click on the “get an HSN card.”
  • Before you choose the card type you want from the list, read first the introductory page so you will understand better the service they are offering. If you are already decided on availing their card service, click on the apply button.
  • An application form will appear on the page. Fill all the required fields like your personal information, contact numbers, address, telephone numbers, birth date, social security number and other pertinent information.
  • After you completed the application form, click on the box if you agree to their terms and conditions as well as the company’s electronic delivery of disclosures.
  • click the button “submit application”.

Once your application is processed and the card delivered to your address, you can now use it to pay all your bills online as well as complete other shopping transactions with the network.