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Access IDES To Make Work Shop Request Online

The State of Illinois and the Department of Labor has created an excellent online resource which allows for work seekers to find all of the solutions that they need in one place.  If you need to file for unemployment or if you need register for a claim or if you are a veteran you are able to have access to many new resources and you are able to access them 24-7 and also you are able to move forward with anything you need at any time.  If you are interested in having a particular workshop you have the ability as well to log on to the site and to request the workshop.

  • Go to .
  • Go to the site and type in request workshop.

  • Click the first link and then you will be able to put in a request for a workshop.

  • Put in your organization name and then your address, then the contact and phone number as well as the email and the time to contact you.
  • After providing all the data hit the “submit” button.

After this you will be able to request all of the information related to the workshops which are out there and what the ability is to speak to all of the other workshops which are out there and for this reason make certain that you have a list of all of the topics that you would like to have going forward and now all of the information is very important as well to share with others.

Moving forward you will be able to know as well as to see all of the information for the workshops which are out there.  You will also be able to move forward as well to be able to have the choices as well as the expertise to present to all of the other groups as well as the other representatives.  Consider approaching everyone at the organization and then sending all of the information to the Department of Labor and then you will be able to have a complete list of the ideas.

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