Indeed has been around since 2004 and it allows people to look for jobs and looking through multiple websites and message boards.  It has allowed users to look through and enjoy its different search mechanisms by having the benefits of multiple websites.  Currently it is one of the busiest websites out there with over 60 million visits per month to the site.  This enables workers to find the job they are looking for specifically within the constraints they are looking.  In 2011 the website introduced a new function which allowed users to apply for jobs on their website and also to post their resume.

If you are looking for oil and gas jobs online be sure to check out Primat for up to date job listings.  This is excellent because it has created everything as a one stop shop.  Users are able to search for all of these different jobs as well as all of the different locations. It has surpassed as the most influential job resource out there in the current market.  In a location now where many people are having a hard time finding a job it is a welcome location to allow users to use on individual application for all of their uses.  This is excellent for users as a one stop shop.  In order to apply for a job one of the easiest things to do it to sign up as a user and post your resume, here are the steps to complete that.

Way To Access:

  • Go to  .


  • Next click post your resume.
  • Next create an email and password log in.
  • After this you will be able to log in with your user name and password and then you will be able to post your resume.
  • Users and employers will be able to search your resume and will be able to see what the qualifications are that you have.

While users are able to view and see your resume you will also have the ability to move forward with searching jobs and knowing that employers also have the ability to look at your information and see what the status is on everything and anytime.

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