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Get Jacquie Lawson Note Cards Online

When Jacquie Lawson launched her greetings and ecards site online for the first time way back in the distant year of 2001 she could have never imagined the demand that she would have amongst her closest friends.

In fact when Jacquie Lawson created her very first e card it went to just friends, family and a few other people who were close to her.  So as you can imagine Jacquie Lawson was very surprised to find that others had shared the e-card that she had created with other friends.

In a sense this was an early indicator of entertainment style feature rich content going viral by way of online distribution. Now of course the web is full of viral content and apps competing for your time and attention.

Witnessing the Jacquie Lawson Ecard Revolution

At that point she started her own e-cards and greetings website in which she showcased her very best graphics work so that she was able to share it with friends.

After 20 years as a graphic designer and as an artist she had no idea the success she would be able sustain with a website.  When her website was launched in 2002 she was unable to sustain the demand and her website would go up and down.  However she finally had a different level of security and speedier transactions added which made all of the difference in the world for her.

What About Jacquie Lawson in 2017?

Now she lives in London with her partner and works full time producing quality e-cards for all kinds of special occasions and holidays for users all over the world.  Naturally in 2017 she now also is able to do what it is she loves to do and that is produce art full time without the complications and stresses that affect other forms of entertainment and greetings.

How To Get These Amazing Ecards?

  • Choose the card option at the bottom left of the screen.

  • Next choose the option to preview the greeting card you want to use.
  • Followed by this you will have the ability to send the card you want as well to anyone that you know.

Final Thought

Note cards as well as most of the cards which are on the site are in fact free for users.  However there are also many more advanced options which are offered to users which are on the more expensive side such as high graphic level cards.  However as a user you will have the ability to send quality e-cards for little or no money by simply registering on the site and then choosing a list of names from your contact list.  Delight your friends and perk up their day to day by sending the e cards to friends.

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