These days the retail business has never been more competitive than it is today and for a small company based out of Plano Texas JC Penny’s has done quite well.  With over 1100 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico they have built their empire with an extensive mix of catalog and retail positioning.  They have proved very successful over the years and have also been able to make the customer experience very personal.  They have added Sephora, Seattle’s Best Coffee and other aspects to their stores so that the vest possible solutions are available for the customer.  If you have been to JC Penny recently and had a good experience it is very important to share it with the corporate office.  If you have had a poor experience it is equally as important to share it with the corporate office.

  • Go to
  • Gather your receipt and enter in the 22 digit code that enables you to move on to the input area.
  • Here you will answer a few different questions.
  • The questions will be used to improve the situation for the consumer.  You will answer questions about stock, prices, and selection to name a few.  There are also many questions related to the knowledge ability and the expertise of the workers as well.

All of these small aspects allow the customer’s experience to be improved and to have important aspects such as pricing, cleanliness, selection and general appearance of the store.  In addition to thanking the customers with a discount for sharing their time the system also allows the users to register for a sweepstakes which has examples of real winners on their page.  For this reason it is possible to click on the link and to see examples of all of the winners and to improve processes and also feedback while the chance of winning the sweepstakes.  Spend time and fill out the survey to tell JC Penny about your experience and you have the ability to not only get the discount, assist with process and also win.

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