Since the issues with the economy many of us are still recovering and reeling from benefits which were required or unemployment.  The state of Louisiana has made things very easy for workers who are looking for jobs, training, or who need to file for benefits by creating a centralized website that puts all of the information which is necessary in a centralized location.  In order to access this information:


  • Then you can click the “Workers” link.


  • Next then you will be able to click on Unemployment Benefits.
  • Next go to the search bar and type Unemployment Tax Account.


  • Click the First link.


  • Next click the first link so that you will be able to Apply for the Unemployment Employer Account.


  • Next after this you will be able to click the link that says Create a New User Login.


  • Put in the user id and then enter a password.
  • Then put in your Employer ID number.
  • Next pick a question and then the answer.
    Follow this by your name, your title, the company name and your phone number.
  • Continue following the promptings and then before you know it you will be complete and then you will be next deemed valid for the process by then you will receive an email and you will be able to sign in and go about the process.

As you are signing up make certain that you are able to read all of the information which is related to all of the details because this information is very pertinent.  There have been many changes which have happened since Katrina and also since the financial crisis.  For this reason you want to make certain that you are following all of the processes and the procedures and making note of all of the passwords as well as the of the other information.  For this you will be able to have all of the information you need to move forward and then you will be able to file.

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