Lego is one of the most beloved brands in the world and now they have set up many international stores all over the world.  In this capacity they are able to share the customer experience with many other new markets and share their creativity with the world.  Lego is known for its moderately priced toys and dioramas which are phenomenally made and children are captivated by.  They have items such as the Eifel tower, Pirate ships and as well they have fantasy and historical options.  It is wonderful with all of the different things which are possible that you as a consumer are able to provide information to the company to help guide them in the direction of great customer service.

  •  If you have shopped at a Lego store you will have held a receipt.
  • Go to
  • Then look on your receipt and find the code and enter it into the application.
  • Following this you will be able to connect to the application and the client and then you will be able to continue to the section where you are able to provide input.
  • Answer questions about time at the Point of Sales, store cleanliness, how helpful the sales people were and other key elements which can make or break the elements of success for a business.
  • Here it is possible for the corporate office to look and to see what the cases and situations may be related to the poor or good customer service at the location.  For this reason stay focused on assisting the corporation and then you will see your experience as a consumer increasing in satisfaction and new options as well as they implement them.
  • In addition you will be able to see new options, new products, suggestions for lowering prices and also the ability to get a discount.

This makes things fantastic for the consumer as you move forward and you are able to assist with the cleanup and improvement of the customer experience.  Customers are able to assist with all processes, help them out!

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