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How To Use MapQuest To Get Accurate Driving Directions

It can at times be very frustrating when you lack a guide when staying in a new city you are unfamiliar to. Though you feel you strongly need to tour the city, it becomes very irritating to know that that might be impossible. However, with MapQuest, you can enjoy the city without the assistance of a guide. You will not get lost because you can easily identify all the places that you visit. Finally, you will also not struggle locating back your hotel after a great visit.

About MapQuest:

MapQuest is an internet mapping service provided online. The service is not affected by clothes and is owned my AOL. The services are provided free and AOL is located in the United States. This service was launched in the year 1996 and operates as a multilingual application. Previously, the service was referred as a Cartographic Services, and later it was called GeoSystems Global Corporation before taking the current name, “MapQuest”. The service is highly customized with a large number of tools to assist clients identify the right directions and locations trouble free. The process is speedy and very efficient.

The Process Of Finding Directions:

  • irst, you will need an internet with good computer connectivity before your can start driving around. However, if you are already driving, you can make use of your smart phone or your car if it has a MapQuest GPS facility installed in it.
  • Open the company site at
  • Once on the homepage, navigate to the toolbar at the top to get the icon marked “Direction” and then follow the drop down menu to “Get My Direction”
  • The above action will take you to another page which will bring a map with very many options.
  • You should click the option that is located at the top left section of the page. This icon should be of a car.
  • When you click this icon, you will get driving instructions
  • New two tabs will appear and require you to input place, building, address or anything that is related to the place you are or going to.
  • It is advisable that you select the distance to be provided for in kilometers or meters for easier identification.
  • Remember to establish whether you want to move only a short distance or further away which will require more time.
  • You may also select the routes that do not attract toll such as highways, boarders, seasonal roads and ferries that have timed restrictions.
  • When you submit the search words that have specified information, the results prompts in just a few moments.


MapQuest gives you the freedom and confidence to explore new regions and towns at reduced costs and lower risks of getting lost. The service is easy to use and you should turn to it for all your guidance especially when you are in unfamiliar places.

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