It was reported by the burger king which is the popular and one of the largest food chains of Britain that they have stopped working with the suppliers who were caught up for selling the horse meat with the beef content. The market leading retailers i.e. Tesco as well as the chains at smaller level like Lidl, Iceland and Aldi were involved in selling beef products containing horse meat, the information was announced by British food industry. The experts of food safety have not discovered any health risks of the horse meat to the consumers but it has raised the ability to check out the ingredients of the meat and also raised the concerns regarding food suppliers. Burger king said on website that it has made the decision to replace Britain’s and Ireland’s silver crest products with some other supplier of burger and which is approved.


This is spontaneous and discreet measure said burger king and it is famous for the flame grilled burgers. The grocery providers, who provided beef products for the burgers, which were reported to have the positive results of the DNA test for horse meat, were silver crest foods and liffey meats in Dalepak Hmableton and Ireland in Britain. To understand that how the horse meat was mixed with the product, Tesco which is the largest retailer of Britain withdrew all the products from sale immediately, and silver crest working under the ABP food group said it was running with the supplier and the authorities. ABP food says that the source of mixing is the product which is beef based and acquired from the outside of Ireland. For the involved retailers this discovery proved as damaging as well as embarrassing. The announcement of burger king was published on the front page of Sun newspaper and its headline was shergar king.

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