The Burger King has grown to be come one of the largest fast food restaurant chain in the US. The restaurant offers a wide range of meals such as coffee, burgers and even Pizzas among others. Every time you buy something from the restaurant, you increase your chance of getting a different item for free. You are also encouraged to take a survey to be able to save some money for your next meal at the restaurant.

What Is The Survey About?

This is an assessment tool that is used by the restaurant to assess the effectiveness of services and meals served to clients. The survey contains a simple questionnaire that required you to answer in determining the level of satisfaction. Whenever you take a meal, the management invites you to take the satisfaction survey to assist them in creating the right working environment. The survey is simple, online and will only take you a few minutes.

How To Take The Survey?

  • Visit any Burger King Restaurant branch and take a meal to qualify for the survey. The receipt that you get for the meal has a number at the bottom that you will be required to enter before you can access the survey. Then, go to the restaurant website at and open the survey page. Remember that the questions that you will be asked are mainly about the satisfaction you got from the services you got when you last visited
  • Once in the survey page, enter the receipt number at the bottom section of the receipt. The survey page will also require you to enter the time you visited [also printed on the receipt].
  • Select the language you want to use in the survey. This allows you to use the language you are most conversant with to reduce the overall time and answer correctly.
  • Click the start button to access the questionnaires. The survey questions are direct questions and answers that you can select from so that you finish in record time. Make sure to answer as correct as possible to assist the restaurant improve its services. When you are through, the survey it will give you a validation code that you will note and use it later to get your offer.
  • Put down the validation code at the back of your receipt and produce it when you visit Burger King Restaurants next time to get a free meal, coffee, pizza, burger or any other meal. This is a great way to enjoy a free meal, do not let the chance to go unutilized.


The Burger King focus is delivering high quality meals to clients by always seeking on your suggestions of the level of satisfaction and what you would propose to be incorporated. By taking the survey every time you visit the restaurant you get free meals at the restaurant that assists you to save on related costs. Take your meals at The Burger King and fill in the survey to make more savings.

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