Chick Fil A is an Atlanta Tradition that started at the Drawf House in Hapeville in 1957 and since then has been a tradition in the South.  Chick Fil A prides themselves on rewarding their customers and ensuring that they are happy with their experience.  As one of the most focused customer driven organizations out there it is no surprise that they have an online loyalty program which will track the satisfaction of all of the clients.  Chick fil a was also one of the first proprietors to have an online system of rating and recognition and was able to offer the ideas of feedback to customers right when online surveys began.  In order to take yours follow the following steps:

chick fill A

  • Here are some examples of the questions you will answer:
  • How was the food taste?
  • How was the food temperature?
  • How was the quality and the texture?
  • How was the customer service?
  • How was the quality of knowledge of the associate?
  • How fast was your transaction taken care of?

All of this feedback is extremely important as the corporate office is able to base their continued success on the information which is provided by the customers.  For this reason make certain that you take the time to answer all of the questions in a distinct level of detail.  Each individual receipt has a different reward on the receipt which will be presented to you with a valid code after completing the survey.  Feedback from clients has always been the bread and butter of the corporation and has also helped with the process of constant improvement.

For this reason make certain that you are able to provide feedback which is detailed and able to assist with the experience and then also with the pricing information.  As all of the information can be used can be wonderful feedback and can assist with the quality process, it is appreciated!

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