is the 6th largest social network site on the internet since 2007, it has become a popular place for people to search for those they knew a long time ago and to reconnect, reunite and know one another again.Β  It is a great thing to get back in touch with people we have not known in a long time.Β  Sometimes we miss people who were a part of our lives in a deep way and this is a great way to go back and to reclaim that connection which we have lost with the person.Β  For this reason we are able to use social networks to go back and make those connections.Β  Who have you wondered about?Β  Have you wanted to connect with that person again?Β  At you will be able to find who has been looking for you and who you have been looking for.Β  When you first sign up at the site there is a free application and after there is a paid period.Β  To get started the first thing you need is an account.

  • Go toΒ .
  • Next go to the site and then enter in your details and sign up to find who has been looking for you and who you are looking for.
  • Enter name , gender,email, password, date of birth and zip code and hit on “Start Now”.
  • Enter last and first name, age and last known location and hit on ‘Try a Search”.
  • You will find this is a great new way to keep up with family and friends who are a part of the service.

It is very nice to use this platform to bridge the gap between many of the other social networks.Β  Some friends are on Linked in, some are on Facebook and others are on other locations and services which are completely different this is a great way to find most people in one place and find ways to keep up with some who are on one service but not others.Β  MyLife actually has a plug in now as well on Facebook which makes things excellent for them since they have the ability to keep in touch.Β  Check out MyLife today to see who is waiting for you.

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