Skills Tutor is an excellent location to learn a new skill or to be able to teach one.  As learning continues to evolve and as services become more and more technologically evolved the idea of attending class in a centralized location will no longer be an option.  For this reason it is important to become a member of the virtual community, whether you are attending a class or teaching a class the virtual classroom is the way of the future and is now becoming the new normal. Nib order to have access to the online community however it is first important that you are in fact able to log in, which means to begin you must first be registered.

  • Go to .
  • Start by entering your user name and password and then entering your site.
  • After this click log in and you will be able to begin with your customized learning experience.


  • If you have not yet registered click the link to access Homepage.
  • If you need to see more information by perusing the home page you will be able to see all of the details which are associated with the site as well as their affiliation with Houghton Mifflin one of the most respected text book companies in the U.S…

Spend a few moments and peruse the site and sign in to begin your learning experience today whether you are a student or an instructor you will find a lot of excellent information on the site and also on the possibilities out there.

Whatever skill it is that you want to learn maybe it is algebra, or Spanish, or another subject you can find it online with flexible classes and flexible instruction just by heading to the website and signing in you will be able to learn at your own pace and will be able to direct your own study as you move forward in a field which will assist you and will help you to become both a better instructor as well as a better student.

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