Starbucks is the largest coffee house in the entire world with international locations and over 12,000 stores.  Starbucks has an amazing array of coffee drinks which are available to suit anyone’s taste from frappucchinos to macchiatos and espresso.  There is a large range of different drinks and also different tastes for different price ranges available at Starbucks.  They make fantastic drinks made to suit everyone’s taste and one of the most coveted Christmas presents still remains a Starbuck’s gift card.  Starbucks is also a huge employer from all of the locations with amazing employee benefits and also fair wages.  For this reason many workers are flocking to Starbucks for benefits and ways to increase their financial and benefit situation.  With fair hours and great wages they are becoming a fantastic haven for workers.  And they care about your experience so that they can increase your visit with enhanced features and other options.  Spend the time and tell Starbuck’s about your experience.

  • Go to
  • Select tha language and move on the next.
  • Enter the customer code in the blank field on the page.

survey safeway

  • Take your information from the receipt and enter in the time and date along with the survey code.
  • Following this take a few moments and enter in the details related to the experience, temperature of the drink, taste of the drink as well as the friendliness of the staff.
  • If you did not know what it was that you wanted was the store associate helpful in assisting you with the information related to what you wanted.

Coffee in the U.S. was never customized before the Starbuck’s experience.  Prior to that in the U.S. if you wanted coffee it was black, or with cream.  There was no idea of the European style coffees which are offered in Starbucks to the American consumer.  And quickly a new love affair was started with coffee for American consumers who were now ready to move on and try more exotic kinds of coffee.

These days it is important to share all of the information with the corporate office to ensure that your experience was great or was bad so it can be improved for others.

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