Netflix is a company incorporated in the US and provides internet media in the US, Canada, Latin America, Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. It is headquartered in California and was recognized in 1997 session.

About The Company:

Netflix started offering subscription of digital media starting from the year 1999. The streaming media has grown to reach approximately 100,000 different titles offered on varied DVD. The number of subscribers accessing and using these DVDs has reached 23.6 million in the US and over 26 million globally. It is this platform that has seen the company revenue in an upward trend to reach 1.5 billion dollars. To access this media, here is the process of signing up.

What Is Required?

You need any of NRD (Netflix ready devices) such as Network blu ray disc player, BRAVIA internet link, Network with Wi-Fi and media player, of Sony BRAVIA LCD HDTVS that features the BRAVIA internet video.

You ill also be required to have an active connection of internet and a standard computer with assessment to respective registration of the sites you need to select the offered movies.

It is also important that you can access a speed test that can be used to verify the right bandwidth of the internet connection.

The Sign Up Process:

  • Visit Netflix site at and then click “Start your Free Month”. At this point, you will be required to input your email and further create a password you will be using for subsequent visits. Remember to keep the password and maintain it secretly.
  • Click on “Register”.
  • The access you are given is available for a trial period of one month after which you will be required to make the right payments for extended access.
  • If any question arises in your mind during the signup process or even during the trial period, you can always refer to the FAQ page at


Netflix remains one of the most convenient services to video fanatics and signing it will increase this great joy to you. You will also get additional promotions that are releases every month. When you register, you will be able to enjoy the special rates for members of only $ 7.99 per month. You cannot afford to miss this, join now and get all the media at your comfort.

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