When you are in New Jersey, you can just make the payment at for traffic ticket at New Jersey municipal court in any of the following methods; online with credit cards, in person, or by sending check to the municipal offices. NJMCDirect is however a more convenient method that will be easy and fun to use.

About NJMC direct:

This is a method of paying traffic ticket that is secure and highly convenient. The method is online and can therefore be made from anyplace eve outside New Jersey. You are however encouraged to make sure you pay the all your traffic requirements on time so that you avoid fines associated with late submissions. When you fail to meet your submission, you will be required to explain the causative situation to the New Jersey municipal court.

Information That You Require To Make Online Payment:

  • The license plate number
  • Traffic ticket for your packing (actual one)
  • A form that is valid on payment by the NJMC direct, and payment that takes or accepts visa, MasterCard or one that is supported of the two.

The Payment Guide:

  • You should first go to NJMC site at www.njmcdirect.com  to access the payment portal. Once there, click “continue”.
  • You will be required to enter CourtID that issued by traffic court. You will enter the ticket number as well as the ticket prefixes. All of these requirements are inputted at the top section of the NJMC direct searching boxes.
  • Next you are required to enter the car license plate number at the last indicated box. Once you have put them correctly, click “continue” to move to the next step.
  • At this point, you will be required to provide the credit card information to make the right payment.
  • If you do not want to send the payment via email, or very limited time is remaining, you will be could visit the county court offices to pay in person.


This is a great method of paying your traffic ticket easily. You can always access it at the comfort of your house or office and avoid driving all the way to the county court offices.

You will have to get a Newark municipal court which is offering services on online bills and payments and through NJMC Direct; you complete the process at once. You also have the chance to view sample tickets and .and make the payment through the internet. Start using the process now and enjoy the convenience.

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