The Orange MMS or Multiple Media System allows users to send messages in the UK from phone to phone easily take and send messages with video, sound and video.  This means that they can use and send messages as well to other users which do not have phones which are capable of sending multimedia messages.  This is a great service because options like this can get very expensive for users if they do have a plan and yet for those who do not have a media plan they are still able to view important moments in their friends and families lives.

  • Go to  and the log in with your account credentials in order to continue to view your messages.
  • Click the link which says view my message and you will be able to watch the message which was sent for you by the friend.
  • This takes affordability and also mobility to a new level which as a courtesy for customers is also very affordable.

Unlike in the US most users in Europe do not currently have phones with all of the multimedia options.  Instead most phones are still used for basic calling features.  This allows the user to stay connected and to ensure that all of the information is shared with family and friends in a network which is predominately dominated by people and locations without smart phones.  Services like this one all over the world would be of tremendous benefit and would save many users much money due to the fact that currently it is very difficult to communicate in some of the more undeveloped or under developed areas of the world and this would provide a unique ends and means to ensure that communication was not only possible but was available to everyone in question and was able to assist in the processing of information and data related to the users output and pay scale.  This makes things which before would not be affordable, easily accessible to the user.  Happy MMSing with this new amazing product.

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