If you have been on the planet in the past few years you are very familiar with Keurig which is a company headquartered out of Massachusetts.  They are a part of the Green Mountain Coffee Company which started in 1990 with innovators who wanted to find a way to make the perfect pot of coffee or tea.  One thing that is always a challenge is that there is sometimes too much water or coffee or fills in the blank.  For this reason the taste is not quite right and can be entirely too watery or too strong.  For this reason there is a great demand with making certain that you are able to make the perfect cup.

In 2003 it had perfected the art of tea, and after that they were able to move to coffee thanks to a partnership with Green Mountain.  Now they account for more than 80% of all of the coffee pots all over the world and are some of the most successful machines on the market.  And for this reason they have also developed a very devout following who will drink nothing but coffee from there. Some are reluctant to give up their machines however, and now there is a new solution.

  • Go to www.perfectkcup.com .


  • Begin by entering your email address and then clicking Enter Sweepstakes.
  • After this you will be able to fill in your personal information.
  • So that you will be entered for the chance to win the sweepstakes and will be able to have a great chance.

Go to the site and sign up for a chance to win today, it is free and quick.  Also you can never have too much free and good coffee in your life, consider signing up today to make sure you get in as soon as possible for other possible benefits. Company is offering free K cups for a year to the winner of their sweepstakes.  They key though is that the person must register in order to be a part of the contest, then they will be eligible.

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